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The Value of Professional Service

Preparing for a special occasion, especially when it's your wedding day, requires time, thought, planning, and finding vendors that you can rely on to make your day perfect.

Your vendors play a critical role in making your day perfect and providing you a stress free experience. We - every one of your vendors - are responsible for bringing your fairytale to life. That is, after all, what we are paid to do.

Professional service:

From the moment you reach out to our team for beauty services, there is a lot of behind the scenes things that take place. Our desire is to give you a stress free beauty experience so you can sit back and enjoy your wedding day prep and know that you don't have to worry about anything.

Phone calls, Zoom meetings, emails, and texts to communicate the vision for your wedding day; staffing, scheduling, and coordinating with event planners and photographers to name a few of the behind the scenes planning that goes on to make your day perfect! Many times, there's a lot of stressors that we bear on your behalf.


Our team has over 100 years of combined experience. We've spent years in the industry, perfecting our craft, working with many of the leading industry professionals to provide you the very best service for your wedding day.

As professionals, continuing education to learn more and improve our skillset, investing in tools we believe work best, purchasing the best products and replacing them often to ensure they are always clean, sterile, and safe are just some of the things that we do to provide the very best service.

Luxury Service:

Our team eliminates the responsibility and stress associated with travelling to different venues for your hair and makeup. This luxury service is something we are happy to do! We are passionate about making your day amazing!

The day of your wedding already comes with a lot of pressure already and worrying about your hair and makeup should not be one of them. Our team is professional, on schedule, and goes out of our way to pamper you and your bridal party.

Our Worth:

When considering your vendors, be realistic about the cost associated with each of the services you need to make your dream a reality. BCH is a beauty vendor. You hire us to provide you with professional hair and makeup services. However, we talk you down from a stressful moment with a family member. We take out the trash to clean up your bridal suite for photos. We help you into your spanx. We airbrush body parts that most would never imagine. We have moved that one curl several times when you can't make up your mind and touched up every member of your bridal party after a morning of snacks and mimosas.

In short, like all your vendors, we go above and beyond for you. That is the level of service you pay for. Every service you need for the planning of your wedding comes with a price tag, whatever that is. Please do not devalue your vendors by expecting us to change our prices for you.

Do we love what we do? Yes! Of course, we do! But it is a business that we have worked hard to create, build, and perfect; one that provides for our families; one that we sacrifice a lot for - all on your behalf.

You choose your vendors based the quality you see on our websites, our social media, word of mouth, or some form of advertisement. With a higher price tag comes a higher level of professionalism, experience, and service. Please do not expect luxury service at a bargain price. Our prices are not negotiable.

The old adage "you get what you pay for" rings true for most things in life and that includes your wedding day vendors.

Photography: Houghton Photography

Venue: Homewood Suites - Palm Beach Gardens

Artists Shown: Ashley {hair} and Becca {makeup}


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