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Your Day-of Beauty

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

You've been planning for months and today is the day! Our team is excited to share the short time prior to your walk down the aisle. This is a special time you get to share with your closest friends and family. Music, charcuterie boards, mimosas, laughter, happy tears, and glam are all part of the experience.

Your beauty team arrives with a myriad of tools, and we are here for one purpose, to make you look and feel your very best. As we set up our "workstations", we are not shy about rearranging furniture to be sure we have the best work environment to do what we are hired to do.

Your artists need space and room to work. Makeup artists require the best natural lighting, a work surface near an electrical outlet, and those without their own chair will need a barstool. Your hair artists need a work surface near an outlet for hot tools and a low, preferably armless, chair.

Many times, we already know you. We have been having conversations via phone, text, and email about your day. Your team has been given your schedule, a copy of the contract and invoice has been shared with them, and they have seen the inspiration photos you have shared. We are ready to pamper you. Conversation is underway with you and your besties about the schedule, specific desired looks for hair and makeup, tweaks to your bridal look that you'd like to make. While there is a lot of behind the scenes things that take place on our end, there are also things expected of you and your wedding party as well.

We have a schedule and time frame in which to work. You and yours must be prepared and ready to go. We have given you our "Guide to Day of Beauty" to help you navigate some of the things we recommend and how everyone should arrive. These things are critical to a timely schedule and the best beauty outcome.

How to Prepare for Your Big Day

We often build some extra time into our schedule, however, unexpected things like "a quick shower", wet hair, or a bite to eat, and last night's makeup have not been. Unless it has been specifically discussed ahead of time, everyone should arrive with clean (or one day dirty) and completely dry hair and clean faces.

Every small thing adds to the outcome of your day of beauty. Sleeping with a full face of makeup can cause breakouts and while we can cover them, the best approach is to remove all makeup, wash and moisturize your face the night before and morning of your big day. We know everyone is excited and the party has likely already started, however, excess alcohol and various foods can lead to a puffy, swollen face. Final preparations and late nights could also prevent you from washing your hair resulting in oily, greasy hair that will not produce the best result no matter what product our artists use to help.

Simple Day of Suggestions

Things to have handy:

Venue: Ever After Farms - Indiantown, Florida

Artists Shown: Becca {makeup}, forefront and Angie {makeup}


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