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Tip Tuesday! Is Airbrush Makeup for Me?

Tip Tuesday!

The truth is both methods of makeup application are great choices! It's really a matter of preference! Here are some things to consider...

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is simply makeup mixed with air and applied using an airbrush rather then a brush or sponge. It’s smooth and very liquid allowing for thinner layers of makeup and a lighter feel on the skin. Airbrush is best used on more youthful skin that is hair free (no peach fuzz) that is hydrated and moisturized. Although we have tricks and tips for airbrush application for mature skin, the result can at time accentuate fine lines, wrinkles and any facial hair as it sits on top of the skin.

Airbrush makeup can speed up the makeup application process and allows for a far better result with some application experience, although time must be allowed between layers to allow the product to completely dry. The result is a long lasting flawless finsh that is waterproof and sweatproof providing a 16-72 hour wear depending on the product used.

The biggest advantage to airbrush makeup application is a cleaner, smoother surface when finished, both in terms of feel as well as appearance. Coverage from light to full is possible using airbrush makeup. It also helps reduce the chances of makeup being smudged when left to dry between layers for a flawless makeup finish. Airbrush makeup is often to apply foundation, bronzer, contour, highlight. It can also be used to touch up brows and roots.

Tips for airbrush makeup application

Airbrush is a great solution for acne prone and oily skin. For dryer skin, we recommend you moisturize your skin well prior to application for the best finish. Your artist will apply a primer for the best results.

Myths about airbrush

Airbrush makeup will not erase wrinkles and in some case may accentuate them.

Traditional Makeup

Traditional makeup is an product applied using a brush, sponge or fingers. There are amazing long lasting products that provide excellent coverage. Traditional foundation is often buildable allowing for lighter to full coverage. Formulas range from very hydrating to a more matte finish for oilier skin types.

Traditional makeup can often be more emollient and therefore a better choice for mature skin using creamier and more hydrating formulas.

Occasionally, your artist may apply a light coat of airbrush makeup over traditional makeup for blending and to lock in the makeup for a longer lasting finish.

Both applications will be used with a finishing spray and/or setting powder for longevity.


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Tip Tuesday! Oily Hair Tips

Tip Tuesday!

Oily hair can be troublesome to get that perfect 'do. If you struggle with oily hair here are some tips to make styling more manageable.

To prep:

1. Wash your hair the morning of your wedding / special event.

2. Wash with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner.

3. Use a mild conditioner on the ends of your hair only.

4. Apply a dry shampoo or oil absorbing powder to absorb excess oils.

5. Hands off! Avoid touching or brushing your hair as this can stimulate the glands to make more sebum.


Products suggestions

Lulo Organics Hair Powder:

Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo:

Neutrogena Clarifying Conditerion:

For more hair tips, reach out to our team! We're happy to help!

Hair's to you!


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