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Beauty by Creative at Heart
is an elite team of professional hair and makeup artists bringing beauty to you...       

It is our honor to pamper you!
You are altogether Beautiful... 
~Song of Solomon 4:7

Love Notes

Thank you for taking my bride (who's always a perfect 10) and making her an 11 on our wedding day. Debra Hoefl and staff... y'all are more than skilled.

To give you a taste of married life... I am/was the groom and was tasked with writing all of our wedding reviews and thank you's. YES!! hahaha

This review is particularly challenging as I know little to nothing about makeup & hair, but I'll always give an honest review and credit where due, so here goes...

I met Debra once and it was prior to our wedding. She was at our home giving a trial makeover to my fiance. Debra was very friendly, professional and in a matter of no time had my then-fiance Ashley looking top notch. It was no wonder Ashley, her bridemaids and the moms chose Debra as their "beauty agent".

Fast forward to our wedding day... I did not get to see my bride until she turned the corner and began walking down the aisle to me. From head to toe, my bride Ashley looked stunning. As we stood at the alter and I admire my partner, I have to admit that it was the most beautiful I ever saw her.

From a male perspective/eye... there is a fine line or threshold of how much makeup & how extravagant the makeup can be, while adding to and enhancing natural beauty. It is quite common that you can see some women go "overboard". My bride Ashley, her bridesmaids and both moms looked soooo beautiful. Natural glowing look. Perfect makeup, perfect hair. Amazing!

I'm giving a full 5-star review! No doubt. Thank you Beauty by Creative at Heart, Debra and staff. Y'all did too good!


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