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Terms & Conditions


THE CONTRACT will be signed by the person booking services for a particular session and will specify the location services are to be rendered, date, time, number of persons receiving makeup service, and, if need be, what time each person will have reserved. If services for more than one person are being booked, all deposits must be paid at the time of contract signing to guarantee each reservation. Due to the possibility of schedule conflicts, additional services added after contract signing or changes made to the location, date, and time of event will be done at the sole discretion of Beauty by Creative at Heart [BCH] and/or representatives. This agreement is made between the person(s) booking / contracting the services of BCH [hereafter referred to as Client].

DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE I agree that I am paying for hair and makeup services provided by the independent beauty artists at Beauty by Creative at Heart. Beauty by Creative at Heart is a collaboration of independent artists that have agreed to provide services as a team to simplify wedding and event planning for its clients. 

ARTIST GUARANTEE In the event the artist(s) who is scheduled and/or performed my trial is unable to fulfill their obligation to perform the scheduled services due to illness/injury or other unforeseen circumstances, I am aware that my event will be reassigned to another professional artist. 

BOOKINGS: To secure a date and artists available, a signed contract is required with a 50% deposit due at the time of signing. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please be advised, dates and scheduled times, as well as reserved artists will only be guaranteed when a signed contract and deposit are received. 

EVENT SCHEDULING/CALENDAR A calendar will be sent with the scheduled start time & length of time estimated to complete all services based on the information provided by the Client. While this time can change, it cannot be guaranteed if scheduling conflicts occur. 

BOOKING TIMES A schedule will be made in most cases in the weeks prior to your wedding and will contain estimated start and end times for services. Each service requires a certain length of time to be finished and is not to exceed time limit. When reserving your date, please book accordingly. All beauty applications are required to be consecutive in time (no gaps in between). BCH often runs ahead of schedule; therefore, those being provided beauty services must be available at any time BCH is on site to avoid any gaps in services despite any schedule provided. Gaps in service time will incur additional charges of $25 per 15 minutes of time, with a minimum of $25, per artist whose schedule is affected by the delay. 

Any additional beauty needs outside the contract will only be performed at the discretion of the artist. All persons involved in beauty appointments need to be available at the scheduled time of said appointment to not break the contract. All beauty applications for more than one person must be at the same location and consecutive in time. 

TOUCH UPS If I would like an artist(s) to stay for touch-ups I must notify BCH before the day of event. Touch up charge begin immediately following “ready time” at the current per hour rate listed on our price list and will be added to the invoice.

SERVICE LOCATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS Services being provided to multiple people are required to be at one location for the duration of service. BCH artists will not relocate without prior arrangement and additional fees will apply.

Artist work areas must be on the ground floor or have access to a working elevator to transport tools, equipment, and supplies. Alternatively, arrangements must be made for assistance to carry artist’s tools up stairs, in awkward, crowded spaces, or any undesirable spaces that make it difficult to navigate, etc.  A “set up” table/work area must be made available for each artist at the location. Working electrical outlets and/or extension cords if necessary must also be made available for use by the artist(s). Artist(s) may bring lighting, however, additional lighting either natural light or by lamps, is necessary for services to be performed properly. A low chair is needed for each hair artist and high bar stools for each makeup artist if possible (although many have their own chair). Additional fees will be added for location changes or for locations not meeting the requirements stated. 

VENUE PARKING. While we will utilize any reasonable means for parking, valet is sometimes the only/best choice (weather, distance from venue, etc). Any fees that the staff incurs to perform service, such as valet, will be paid by the Client.

SERVICE ADD-ONS/UNEXPECTED CONDITIONS Additional services may be added the day of my event; however, services will be performed after all other pre-paid services have been completed. Add-on services are to be paid in cash or other immediate payment method. Checks are not accepted. Artist may take Venmo, Cash App, Zelle or PayPal for payment at their own discretion or payment may be made to the team’s account(s). Services for conditions not known at the time of invoicing and contract (such as long, thick hair, added extensions, etc.) will be collected in cash prior to services. Please use the space below to describe the services BCH artists should expect.

EARLY CALL TIMES A minimum $50 fee per artist will be charged for appointment times scheduled before 7:00 a.m. Additional early fees will be added at a rate of $25 per 30-minute increment, including travel time exceeding 30 minutes to meet an early start time. 

DELAYS A late fee of $25.00 will be charged for every 15 minutes of delay when a client is late or not available at time of scheduled service, or if scheduled service exceeds allotted time because of client delays. 

DOUBLE BOOKING CLAUSE Due to potential scheduling conflicts, if any person not available for an appointed booking time, then his or her appointment may be canceled (at the sole discretion of the artist) or another available client scheduled will be taken in their place to avoid gaps in time. All deposit monies are nonrefundable if service is not performed on the day of the event due to late arrivals/no shows. 

INVOICING AND PAYMENT Weddings and events are invoiced based on the contract agreement between client and BCH. Changes in the number and type of services may require an updated agreement and invoices will be updated. Payments can be made toward the invoice using the link provided and may be shared for payments made by others in the party. BCH will not provide separate invoices for individuals within the same party for the event. Gratuity is added to all invoices for your convenience and is optional. The final balance is due 7 days prior to the event to avoid delays on the day of the event. The person(s) responsible for the entire balance of payment is the person(s) who has signed the booking contract. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, credit card (additional fees may apply), Venmo, CashApp, cashier’s check or money order. Personal checks are accepted for deposits and payments made more than 15 days prior to the event date. 

GRATUITY Gratuity will be added to all invoices and is optional and for your convenience only. The amount can be changed at your discretion and can be paid before, on or after the date of your event using the link provided. No part of gratuity amount is considered for the deposit or final payment due. Cash gratuity is always appreciated. 

POST EVENT INVOICING A final invoice will be issued after your event if services were added the day of your event that were not previously invoiced, conditions required an additional fee that was not previously disclosed, or there were delays in the scheduling beyond the control of BCH artists. 

INSURANCE OR OTHER FEES. Occasionally venues require additional liability insurance be provided for vendors to work on site. The cost of such policies will be added to the invoice and paid by the client. 

TRIALS A trial is available for all services. We recommend trial runs be scheduled 2-6 months prior to the event date. Costs for each trial service is   and is limited to 90 minutes per service. Trials will be held at your location in most cases, however, we reserve the right to require alternative arrangements for a location closer to our main location or the location of the artist(s). Charges for trial(s) are invoiced separately and are due on or before the date of service. Trial services can be paid by direct link prior to the trial service(s). Trial services paid the day of are to be paid directly to each artist in cash or another immediate form of payment. No checks are accepted. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, it may be canceled due to scheduling conflicts that may occur because of a delay and a late fee of $25 will be applied to the final bill. Please call at least one (1) day in advance to reschedule a trial. Trial services exceeding 90 minutes due to multiple style changes or excess requests made by the client will incur a $25 fee for each 15-minute increment. 

EVENT CANCELLATION Cancellations should be made 10 or more days and no less than 48 hours prior to any scheduled appointment. In the event Client cancels the appointment less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled date, Client will pay a minimum fee of $50 per artist. Additionally, if the client fails to show-up to an appointment without contacting BCH via phone, the client will pay the full amount of service scheduled for. If an artist cancels at any time or is unable to perform her duties for any reason, 100% of the deposit paid will be refunded within two (2) weeks. Client agrees that the refund of 100% of the deposit is the only liability to BCH and all its owners, employees, and agents. 

TRAVEL FEE Travel fees will be charged for locations outside a distance of 20 miles from 33411 or artist location. 

Mileage for trip and time will be estimated and invoiced per mile or vehicle; per artist; artist/travel time or any combination of the above depending on the venue location. A minimum party size per service may be required for long distances. Travel fees are added following final details and the invoice will be updated accordingly. 

ACCOMMODATIONS and AIRFARE Accommodations may be required at the expense of the client for morning start times to venues more than two (2) hours from the venue where services are taking place. All costs for travel to a booked event are to be paid by client. Costs may include, but are not limited to airfare, hotel, transportation and/or mileage, parking, per diem, service incidentals and all taxes.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Services will be completed to the client’s satisfaction but is not to exceed the allotted time. Ample time is given for each client's service upon booking. The independent artists and Beauty by Creative at Heart are hired based on the reputation, reviews, images of our work, etc. Our ultimate goal is for our clients to be exceedingly happy with the services and quality of work they receive and give them the look they desire for any event and wedding. Acceptance of completed service by the client is an acknowledgment by the client that service is done to his / her satisfaction. We also recognize that despite our best efforts, not all expectations can be met. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the services despite our best efforts, please call or text us directly at 561.310.3231 to schedule a consultation. 

LIMIT OF LIABILITY The health and safety of our clients are extremely important, and our independent artists use extreme caution with all tools, supplies, and temporary work areas used to provide hair and makeup services. By accepting these terms, you agree that the independent artists and Beauty by Creative at Heart are not liable for any damages resulting from the services provided including but not limited to allergic or other adverse reactions or injury due to the beauty services provided. 

You agree and acknowledge that artists use tools that require electricity and occasionally outlets are not located near the work area. Electrical wires may be in the area where services are provided and you acknowledge and agree that the independent artists and Beauty by Creative at Heart shall not be liable for any injury sustained during the scope of the service times as a result of a fall or injury. 

You agree and acknowledge, that tools used may be hot and can cause injury. We require that small children and/or pets not be permitted around the workstations of artists. 

You agree to make known any sensitivities to products prior to services being rendered. You acknowledge that products used can cause allergic or adverse reactions and you agree that the independent artists and Beauty by Creative at Heart shall not be liable in the event a reaction occurs. We are happy to use the makeup / products / tools provided by those being serviced for extreme allergies or any other condition. 

  1. Allergic Reaction: BCH nor its independent contractors will be held responsible in the event of an allergic reaction and/or breakouts because of the products used. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform those beforehand of any known allergies / sensitivities to cosmetic products. For specific concerns, BCH artists are happy to use client’s makeup or products. 

  2. Contagious Illness: BCH nor its independent contractors will not be held liable for any illness that may occur as a result of any contagious illness, pandemic, flu, cold, rashes, etc. The independent contractors take all precautions to ensure the safety and wellness of clients, and themselves; as a result, artists may refuse service to any client showing any disorder including, but not limited to any contagious illness, flu, cold, rashes, skin/hair disorders, etc. BCH will not apply makeup or use artist’ tools to an area on the face or body that has visible cold sores or open wounds of any kind. 


ANTI-DISCRIMINATION STATEMENT We do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, class, color, sexuality, gender, religion, age, nationality, disability, marital status, or military status, in any of our activities or operations. 


RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE Our artists treat all clients with dignity and respect and expect the same in return. BCH artists have the right to refuse service if they feel threatened, feel they are being mistreated, being screamed at, belittled, and/or the client(s) are acting unreasonably and refusing to cooperate in order for the schedule to run on time. No refunds will be given in the event the artist refuses service based on the actions of the client or her/his party.

PANDEMIC CLAUSE If BCH artists have been assigned to your wedding day or event, BCH reserves the right to make changes to your beauty team in the event you or your venue, church, vendor, or other entity involved in your wedding or occasion requires testing to be onsite or participate in your wedding day preparation. BCH will not incur any costs involved with any required testing. Any costs associated with time needed to take required tests will be invoiced per artist to the client. This would include lost hourly wages and travel to and from a testing facility. We recommend full disclosure be provided prior to hiring BCH. The client will also be responsible for any additional trials if one has already been completed by an artist who chooses not to be tested. Furthermore, BCH will not disclose ANY personal medical information to any person or business. 

USE OF PHOTOS/IMAGE BCH and its representatives may use on its website – and / or in any brochure, flyer, or other advertising it deems necessary – any and all photographs, video, audio, and any other digitally or chemically stored media that is captured or recorded by BCH and any and all of its representatives or agents. Client(s) agree to release all claims regarding use of his / her image for such purposes. Client(s) also agrees to release name and contact information of professional photographers and / or videographers used for recording any event for which the artist(s) has been contracted. Client(s) agree to release to BCH use of said photographers / videographer’s photographs and recordings.

The signed agreement serves as a release to client(s) photographer / videographer and authorizes them to release to BCH and its owners, agents, and employees any photographs / recordings to use on any promotional materials BCH deems necessary. 

BCH is granted permission to use photographs as mentioned unless otherwise noted.

SEVERABILITY If any provision or provisions of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid, illegal, unenforceable or in conflict with any of the law(s) of any jurisdiction, the validity, legality, and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.  

REFUND POLICY Deposits and subsequent payments made toward a scheduled wedding or event are non-refundable. Artists are booked and subsequently refuse/deny services to others to reserve your date and expect that they are working and being paid for a reserved date. 

If there are scheduling changes to an event or wedding and changes in those receiving services, monies already paid will be applied to those new to the schedule, however, no refunds are provided for a reduction in the number of people and services scheduled and reserved. It is recommended you book services conservatively. 

CANCELLATION POLICY In the event the client cancels the service(s) for a wedding or event less than 10 days prior to the reserved date, the client is liable for the full remainder of the balance, especially during busy seasons. 

Postponements An event may be postponed in most cases without penalties, however a change in company pricing will be applied to the invoice due for the new date, when applicable. If there are any scheduling conflicts, alternate dates can be discussed. Monies paid toward the initial event will be applied to the future date within 6 months, after that time, the monies collected are forfeited. If a client wishes to reschedule a personal service (i.e., engagement session, bridal trial, photoshoot, etc.) within 48 hours, a $30 rebooking fee may be added to the next booked session depending on scheduling. 

FORCE MAJEURE In the event of unforeseen circumstances and conditions beyond our control which prevent services being rendered, including weather, pandemic events, mass closures, etc., Beauty by Creative at Heart will work with you to reschedule services for an event or wedding scheduled on or during the time originally scheduled. All monies collected will be held and applied to a future date within six (6) months of the original date scheduled and reserved. Refunds will not be provided during that time and in most cases are not refundable after the six (6) month mark. Partial refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis and MAY be provided but are not guaranteed.

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