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A Better Normal

As we slowly exit of a season of social distance and isolation, Beauty by Creative at Heart is focused on how we can provide you with even better, more personalized service. We have all observed and heard of the effects of the restrictions placed on us due to COVID-19. We need to connect and crave the intimacy of face-to-face interaction.

Our "normal" has always been opposite of what we have recently experienced. The cold, seemingly unfriendly, smileless world is not something we could ever accept as the norm. Moving forward, we are committed to more smiles, more interaction and more fabulous service.

I have always preferred doing business on a more personal level. Face-to-face interaction, a phone call is far more preferable over automated e-mails or text messages. At the very least, a personally crafted e-mail adressed to each person individually is important! Our business requires a personal touch.

How can we connect and stay connected to your clients? Beauty by Creative at Heart has a list of things on their "to do" list to stay connected and let our brides and clients know that they are essential, that we care and are here for them despite the seasons we face.

Separation has brought clarity to how blessed we are to share such special moments with YOU and make even a small contribution to big occasions! Fun gifts and surprises, random messages, and extra pampering will become the new and improved norm for Team BCH.

We are excited for the changes and the opportunity to provide you even more fabulous service.


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