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Beauty Behind the Brush - Meet Chrissie!

Cre8iveatHeart Beauty Behind the Brush  - Chrissie
Beauty Behind the Brush Chrissie Glam Coordinator & Happiness Hero

At Beauty by Creative at Heart, we think it's important for you to know your beauty team - the authentic and true artists and those behind the scenes! Allow me to introduce Chrissie - our Glam Coordinator and Happiness Hero!


Hi! I'm Chrissie!

I'm the new gal on the Cre8iveatHeart block and I'm excited to be part of the team.

I bring years of experience in organizing and keeping a team on track. I am after all Mom to three girls and G-MaMa to six princesses!

When a client reaches out to Team BCH, I just might be the first person to respond to your inquiry. It is my goal to reply within a 48-hour period and answer your questions and concerns as soon as possible!

Team BCH is a busy team with multiple weddings and events happening all at once and I'll be the face behind many of the emails and responses to your questions. I love to help!

Scheduling and team coordination is second nature and I'll be handling many of the precious events that are entrusted to our Team.

I am here to support you from your first question to the last photo snapped... and beyond!

Love yourself!




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